New Beginnings

I have two fun new clients that I’m a little in love with.  She is a PR whiz and self professed mudblood.  He works for Teach for America by day and refinishes pipes by night.  A true original, and let me tell you he LOVES this woman.  Together, they have just purchased their first house and have enlisted my help to make it home.  Moe is the author of the inspiring photo journal, Jukebox Diver, and she oozes originality and genuine creativity.  Our first meeting is on Saturday, so I’ve started my usual Pinterest board to understand their style and vision for their first home.  I’ve been so inspired by the stuff they’ve posted, that I had to share a few of my favorites…











They seem to have an amazing sense about comfort and luxury.  How a home feels is far more important than how it looks, and they get that.  I don’t know who will learn more from this project, me or them.  I think me.  To new beginnings, y’all.

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