Studio Fit for a [DIY] Queen

I have been trying to disconnect and be present with my littles lately, so I’m far from up on what’s brewing in the blogosphere.  But last night I got an email from domino about Jenny Komenda’s studio Before & After and my fuzzy little ears perked up.  The Little Green Notebook has become one of only two blogs I can say I look at on the daily.  It is too good to miss as Jenny consistently fills it with amazing content and DIYs that both amaze me and make me green over her mitre-sawing skeelz. Here was her studio before…


And after she waved her magic wand…





A couple things to consider… One.  The floors she did herself out of Home Depot plywood she had cut in 8″ strips.  Two.  With only a few exceptions, all of the furniture and accessories are vintage scores from thrift and antique stores.  Three.  The closet door was the cheap hollow kind.  She added that moulding and painted it BM Gentleman’s Gray.  How.  Perfect.  Is this space?  It has me wanting my own studio more than ever before…

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