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I love it when my consultation only clients keep me in the loop on their home improvements.  Most recently, I visited Towers and Moe at their first home together (I also blogged about them here).  They’d just moved in, there were boxes everywhere and they both looked frazzle dazzled.  I spent a few hours giving them suggestions and reminding them to breathe – creating a home is a process.  It takes time, I assured them.  Moe has been sending me updates on their progress ever since and I wanted to share them with you.

First let me show you the state of the den when they moved in…

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.37.22 PM

The previous owners had done some kind of distressing technique on the wood panelling, but it just looked dirty.  T & M were yearning for a dark and cozy space and were about to take the leap on a hunter green or navy for in here.  I’m sure it would have been beautiful, but the more I talked to them and thought, the more I worried that it would be too dark.  This was a back of the house room and not as light filled as the front of the house spaces.  So they opted for a white out – trim and all – and then we satisfied their dark side with a black fireplace.  I think the all white unifies the open concept and patchwork feeling the room formerly had.  Take a look at their progress…

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.41.36 PM

The walls are BM white base with no tint in an eggshell finish, the fireplace is French Beret – my go to black for it’s depth and chalky feel.  I suggested the Stockholm sofa from IKEA and I think they’re quite pleased with it.  The rug was one they found at PB Outlet.  They done good y’all and I can’t wait to tag along via text message for the rest of their adventures!

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