One Room Challenge: Week 4

Week 4!  Eeeek!!  We started this room about a year ago and it’s been 85% finished for at least 6 months, yet I’ve still found a way to scurry to the finish line.  What is wrong with me!!!  Okay, enough of that – we have a lot to catch up on.  I was away last week so I need to get everything up to speed.

After we gathered inspiration and made a plan, read more here, we started looking at specific pieces and narrowing down our vision.  Jennifer had a very clear idea of the wall color she wanted and also had a piece from Organic Modernism that she loved…  1A starting point!  In this world of so many choices, I love when clients have very specific items and color ideas.  It helps to focus the vision.  With these items in mind and our size requirements, I began searching for a sofa.  The one I landed on that met all the requirements was the Lounge II 3-Piece Sectional from Crate & Barrel.  screen-shot-2015-06-04-at-9-22-18-pmBecause it was highly customizable we were able to make it fit like a glove in the space and they had a beautiful dark blue velvet that is just *MWAH* Once I could see these three large elements I was able to populate an idea board with other color, pattern and texture possibilities…jglovermorningroom

It was a good starting point to build on.  Some things changed- they always do!  That’s the fun part- the evolution of a design as it goes through the client’s filter.  For instance, Jennifer didn’t end up loving the coffee table situation.  I felt it was a must so we compromised with a side table.  The rattan chair got the axe for potential comfort reasons, but we incorporated that texture in another way.  The Anthropologie rug was a surprise for both of us!  I had the sofa and the wall color and the potential for black and white stripes (a staple in my book) and then came across the rug while doing some sourcing one night and it was like someone turned on the lights!  Don’t you love when that happens??  So we moved forward with the positives and waffled on the rest.  Here’s a progress shot from August of last year…


Because the space was compact and there were a ton of windows, we decided we would do all trim work and window casing in the selected paint color (Benjamin Moore Manor Green) The end result really helped the more traditional finishes of the space feel relevant to the more modern/eclectic decor.  And because the windows were such a feature, see before shots here, the fabric we chose to dress them would become part of the room’s top 4 (walls, floor, sofa, window treatments)  Basically Jennifer needed to LOVE the window fabric because there would be A LOT of it.  Enter Lake August.  I remember receiving the sample packet in the mail and both Jennifer and I went nuts over each and every delicious piece.  After much thought, we decided on Tula in Almascreen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-41-13-pm


The result is perfectly understated.  There are a lot of 10s in this room and, in this space, Tula is like that quiet girl at the party who’s really freakin awesome once you take a closer look, ehem, get to know her.  So with all the big pieces in place, I took to obsessing over the details as I always do!  More on that and other adventures in OCD next week!  In the meantime, check out what everyone else is doing this week!


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