One Room Challenge: Week 5

One week remaining and I’m ever grateful that I’ve been working on this space for a year because I don’t know that I could complete a room in six weeks!  Kudos to all the ORC participants that are doing just that.  Amazing!!

Now we’re down to the details and, for me, this is the hardest part.  I’m a big picture person to the core.  And I also believe in curating a room so I like to take my time and collect pieces that I feel are just right.  Ask any of my clients, they will tell you I move at glacial pace on the finishing touches.  So, my plan is just to grab a bunch of things that may (or may not work) and then play.  The best way to figure things out when you’re not sure is to try ALL of them!

But before that, the hiccups… There weren’t a ton.  Mostly just me and my indecision.  I obsess over finding a piece that’s just right.  I think this is the same reason why I SCAN the radio and I flip channels for hours.  I live in constant FOMO.  There could be a better show on, a better song, a better coffee table option.  Oy vay.  I’m a quirky little bird.  At first, I thought a round table was just right.  Jennifer found a Jonathan Adler one that we both loved… eclectic-coffee-tablesBut once we taped the circle out on the rug, it was a no go.  Too wide for a compact space.  Back to the drawing board.  I wanted to incorporate as much natural finish as possible with all the paint and velvet.  And since we weren’t going to do the rattan chair, I was craving that beautiful color and texture.  So I flipped through my cranial rolodex of coffee table options and the clear weiner was the Blake Raffia Coffee Table from Serena  & Lily

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-11-20-08-amYou guys.  I’ve been trying not to attach the word LOVE with material things but, let me just say, I have strong feelings about this coffee table.  In the words of Garth Algar “I like it a lot.”

Next order of business: lighting.  The room has recessed lighting which is a great start.  However, it’s a theater room of sorts, so we wanted options for degrees of lighting.    We don’t have a ton of spare floor space and I didn’t want to add the bulk of table lamps, so we opted for wall lights that would be equal parts reading light for curling up with a good book and low romantic lighting for entertaining.  We also needed plug in but with a cord cover, so that helped to narrow the options.  For us, the Boston Library Light from Visual Comfort was a no brainer..

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-12-11-37-pm  Okay, so the details.  I would love to know how other people do it.  Do you build in the details from the very beginning?  I guess the artist in me likes to see how things evolve and what things reveal themselves to me.  It’s like some form of materialistic mysticism. Quirky bird I tell ya.  So my plan is to color block the pillows pulling inspiration from the rug.  We’re definitely using this Quadrille beauty, which Jennifer affectionately refers to as “Hot Cross Buns” and it makes me giggle every time…


This one is also going to be in the mix because I love it and love Andrea and all that she does and has done.

indian_clover_in_dark_indigo_1024x1024Have you seen her latest collection?  Yoinks it’s good.

I’d love to share more, but if I’m being perfectly honest, we’re wingin’ the rest and crossing our fingers.  We shoot on Monday and I am a nervous wreck.  Send me some good juju if you have a minute.  And after you do that, go see what everyone else is doing!  1477525181978

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