One Room Challenge: Week 6


Dun dun DUN DUN!  It’s here and I’ve been sitting on my hands since I got the photos back from the beautiful and talented Allie Monday.  It all came together beautifully and the One Room Challenge was such a fun way to push towards the finish.  Even as someone who does this for a living, it’s easy to get the big things in a room and then walk away.  But it’s always such a gratifying feeling to complete something – even though I believe a space is never really finished and always evolving.

Before I get to the pictures, I have to get real for a minute.  Maybe it’s the cold medicine or just a lot going on this week, but y’all, can I just say collaboration is such a beautiful thing?!  I get a little emotional about it.  As you know, I worked on this space with Jennifer Glover of Carolina Girl Cooks in her Greenville home and the way we worked together and fed off of each other’s creativity was nothing short of magical.  I always find it amazing what I learn from every client and for me it’s total kismet. What we created here could only have been done by the two of us. I view a finished space like a finished work of art, except instead of just me and the canvas, I made it with someone else and that – for me – is so special.  Okay!  Enough!  Here’s the space..

















Find Jennifer’s DELECTABLE tea cookies here – perfect for holiday season entertaining and gift giving!

Sectional // Lights // Rug (Anthropologie – sold out) // Side Table // Credenza // Paint // Window Shade Fabric // Coffee Table // Black and White Pillow Fabric // Pillow Fabricator // Indigo and White Pillow Fabric // Weiner Print // Abstract Original // Pink and White Planter // Basket // Chunky Woven Blanket

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