Craving Conservatory

I don’t know if it’s the weather or a recent consultation, but I just can’t seem to stop thinking about romantic English style conservatories…







Mother’s Day Makeover

It’s nothin’ big but I’ve been dying to paint the steps and front door for weeks and we just haven’t had a day to carve out and do it.  So this past weekend I got a little instant gratification with a front stoop face lift.  Here’s the before…

photo 7

I found some tope-a-rees (topiaries) at Lowe’s for $39 and I snatched ‘em up.  I then bought your standard terra cotta pots (I prefer them above all else because of their clean lines and classic shape).  I also bought some Valspar outdoor spray paint.  A can of black and a can of white with which I sprayed stripes (duh) on the pots.  Here’s the after…

photo 6

Our mailbox was formerly gold and at the last minute, I pulled it off the wall and sprayed it with some Liquitex coral whiz and then a coat of clear oil based to protect it from running.  It was kind of an after thought, but now I think I’m going to do coral on the front door.  I’m painting the landing and steps BM Hunter Green…


And then I am thinking perhaps BM Coral Gables on the front door…


And new sconces of course.  This is proving a bit more difficult of a task.  I know very few sources for outdoor lighting.  Right now, anything verdigris would be perfection as far as I’m concerned.  Like two of these beauties from Urban Electric

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.54.10 AM

They’re not in my price range right now, but I think the shape and style is perfection.  I’ll keep looking.  In the meantime, I always welcome your thoughts and opinions.  And as always, thanks for stopping by.

My Town: Harrison Blackford

I spotted these paintings the other day and was immediately struck by the colors.  I then thought to myself “Harrison Blackford is the most badass name I have eva heard.”  And then I asked for a business card and once again was overwhelmed with amazing…


This upstate has the decorative art scene here on lockdown and I certainly have my sights set on a Blackford original of my own…


Project Favorites

I am feeling pretty special to have such awesome clients with such interesting and eclectic tastes.  I wanted to share some of my favorite products I am using in the spaces I’m working on right meow!


Rumor has it that this Moroccan inspired pendant creates the most beautiful speckled glow.  Then there’s the Antelope carpet.  It’s not just dreamy to look at, but it’s amazing underfoot.  The golden tones and exotic animal print say luxury but the feel says it’s okay to lay your cheek against me.  The pagoda mirror is currently making all my chinoiserie dreams come true. And the de Gournay look alike for a dramatic powder room has me green with envy.  Last, the little table that could.  I did some research and found that Wisteria once carried it for around $399?  I can’t be sure.  I found it at HomeGoods for $130. Hashtag: winning.

Penny // Thoughts

My thoughts are incoherent at best right now, but there are a few things in particular that are worth sharing…


I’m scoping wedding planner Meagan Warren‘s portfolio for project inspiration.  My first visit to her new home is fast approaching and I’m so excited about this one, you guys.



I’ve also been peeking at some Billy Reid goodness for a potential retail project here in Greenville.  Fingers crossed.  This could be fun.



I can’t stop thinking about these coral stair tops courtesy of Tom Scheerer.  Mmm good.



Lastly, I think I need this print by Jessica Bruah.  It’s precisely what the doctor ordered for above my sofa in the living room.

My Town: Annie Koelle

Have I mentioned how much I love Greenville?  I love it here.  I am finally home.  Lucky for me, G-Vegas is also home to practically millions of talented artists and creators.  I’m discovering creative Greenvillans every day and I just want to meet them all and hear their stories and see inside their minds for a minute.  My goal is to post about one of these inspiring artists/creators each week and I am going to do my best to stay consistent with a weekly post highlighting all this fair city has to offer.  This week, I want to step lightly into one of Annie Koelle‘s paintings and gather my thoughts for a bit…


In the Loop

I love it when my consultation only clients keep me in the loop on their home improvements.  Most recently, I visited Towers and Moe at their first home together (I also blogged about them here).  They’d just moved in, there were boxes everywhere and they both looked frazzle dazzled.  I spent a few hours giving them suggestions and reminding them to breathe – creating a home is a process.  It takes time, I assured them.  Moe has been sending me updates on their progress ever since and I wanted to share them with you.

First let me show you the state of the den when they moved in…

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.37.22 PM

The previous owners had done some kind of distressing technique on the wood panelling, but it just looked dirty.  T & M were yearning for a dark and cozy space and were about to take the leap on a hunter green or navy for in here.  I’m sure it would have been beautiful, but the more I talked to them and thought, the more I worried that it would be too dark.  This was a back of the house room and not as light filled as the front of the house spaces.  So they opted for a white out – trim and all – and then we satisfied their dark side with a black fireplace.  I think the all white unifies the open concept and patchwork feeling the room formerly had.  Take a look at their progress…

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.41.36 PM

The walls are BM white base with no tint in an eggshell finish, the fireplace is French Beret – my go to black for it’s depth and chalky feel.  I suggested the Stockholm sofa from IKEA and I think they’re quite pleased with it.  The rug was one they found at PB Outlet.  They done good y’all and I can’t wait to tag along via text message for the rest of their adventures!

Studio Fit for a [DIY] Queen

I have been trying to disconnect and be present with my littles lately, so I’m far from up on what’s brewing in the blogosphere.  But last night I got an email from domino about Jenny Komenda’s studio Before & After and my fuzzy little ears perked up.  The Little Green Notebook has become one of only two blogs I can say I look at on the daily.  It is too good to miss as Jenny consistently fills it with amazing content and DIYs that both amaze me and make me green over her mitre-sawing skeelz. Here was her studio before…


And after she waved her magic wand…





A couple things to consider… One.  The floors she did herself out of Home Depot plywood she had cut in 8″ strips.  Two.  With only a few exceptions, all of the furniture and accessories are vintage scores from thrift and antique stores.  Three.  The closet door was the cheap hollow kind.  She added that moulding and painted it BM Gentleman’s Gray.  How.  Perfect.  Is this space?  It has me wanting my own studio more than ever before…